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Personal Tours

Quick Details

Duration: 8 hours

Group Sizes: 1-5 Pax, 1-13 Pax, and 14-24 Pax

Available in: Brisbane, Queensland and Gold Coast, Queensland

1-4 People
5-8 People
9-13 People
14-26 People
26-50 People

Custom Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast Tour Details

Bums On Seats Tours prides themselves in taking you where you want to go.

Don’t sit on big busses to destinations and attractions that you have already seen or that you are NOT interested in seeing!

Tell Bums On Seats Tours what you wish to see and visit, pop past, or stop at. Stay as long as you like or take a photo and move on or just ask and we can put together a great day for you after a short phone call to discuss the finer details of your special day.