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What You Didn’T Know You Could Do On Kangaroo Island

a herd of cattle lying on top of a beach

Have you ever visited Kangaroo Island, famous for its raw and rugged coastline, impeccably clear water, and natural wonders and wildlife? It is the third-largest island in Australia and one of the world’s most incredible nature-based destinations, also referred to as nature’s playground. If you’re planning a trip to South Australia, or a local looking for something new to discover, a day trip to Kangaroo Island with Bums on Seats Tours should be on the cards.

See an Enormous Array of Wildlife

A trip to KI isn’t complete without spotting numerous species of wildlife that call the island home. Flinders Chase National Park and Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary are home to grey kangaroos and koalas (amongst many other species of animals). For spotting wildlife in the wild, the white-sand beaches are a great place to see fur seals, dolphins and echidnas, while you might be lucky enough to spot an endangered Australian sea lion at Seal Bay. Kangaroo Island is one of the only places in the world to see these creatures.

a seal on a rocky beach

Taste Local Foods and Drinks

Kangaroo Island is rich in food and beverage producers and there’s more to the area than you would have ever realised. Feast on locally caught seafood, marron or oysters for a great lunch and taste the unique wines, beers and liqueurs at some amazing breweries, distilleries and cellar doors. Taste the island-grown olives and get your hands on the Ligurian honey or honey mead, produced on Kangaroo Island. One of the highlights of the Bums on Seats Kangaroo Island tour is a stop at Vodka distillery.

Awe-Inspiring Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks are one of the signature landmarks on Kangaroo Island. They may not look like anything too special from a distance, but once you get up close to these 500 million year old rocks, you’ll be taken in by the sheer size of these granite boulders. It’s a great place for photos, and from these rocks, 60 metres above sea level, there’s nothing between you and Antarctica. We certainly recommend taking care around the rocks – the weather that has shaped these boulders over millions of years are still in force.

a group of people on a rock

Slide Down the Sand Dunes of Little Sahara

When planning a trip to Kangaroo Island, don’t forget a visit to the little Sahara, an outcrop of sand dunes on the southern part of the island that formed around 7000 years ago. Play in the sand or hire a sandboard or a toboggan and take to the dunes. Little Sahara covers approximately two square kilometres of land, and vary up to 70 metres above sea level!

Little Sahara – Kangaroo Island. SeaLink


When you join a Bums on Seats Kangaroo Island Personal Group Tour, you’ll visit Remarkable Rocks, Flinders Chase National Park, Admirals Arch, take a Seal Bay guided tour, visit the Hanson Bay Sanctuary Koala Walk and the Vodka Distillery. We can also customise your tour so you can add to your itinerary.

Book your Kangaroo Island tour today and get ready to be surprised at what you can see and do.