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Hints And Tips For Your First Wine Tour

a close up of a person holding a wine glass

Booking your first wine tour? Tours can be a great adventure for those who not only enjoy fine wines, but exploring nature, vineyards and the process that goes into making great wine.

There can be many advantages of visiting with a tour operator with the main advantages is that nobody needs to be the designated driver, allowing everyone to enjoy the day. Visiting as part of a tour will in many cases enable you to have a better experience, meeting new people and trying some delicious flavours.

Because wineries all have their own requirements for wine tasting, going with a group is much easier – you don’t need to do a thing other than make sure you are on time for your pickup! Your guide will be able to give you an idea on the wineries you will be visiting on the day, so you may like to do some research and if you have any questions about the wines, make sure you note them down to ask

Taking a wine tour will involve exploring both the indoors and the outdoors therefore it is important to dress in an appropriate manner.  The best dress code would be smart casual with comfortable footwear. Bums on Seats will often stop at lookouts and other locations, giving you a chance to explore the region as well as the wineries. Avoid any heavily scented deodorants or aftershaves as part of the experience is about smelling the wine.

The best way to make the most of the experience is to sample the wine using the correct technique. Wine needs to be served at the correct temperature and the correct technique will enable you to make the most of the flavour. Take your time between tasting one wine and the next as this will allow your taste buds to get the most from the flavour. Before going on a wine tour avoid foods that are strongly flavoured as this will affect your ability to taste. On the day, the sommelier at the cellar door will give you some tips on the best way to taste the wine.

After tastings you generally have the option to purchase some to take home. When purchasing remember any travelling that you need to do after your tour and any restrictions you may need to be aware of. There is plenty of room on the Bums on Seats bus for your purchases, and we certainly recommend taking some home for friends.

Book your Bums on Seats winery tour in South Australia and Brisbane, and enjoy some locally award winning wines.