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Four Must Visit Wineries In Adelaide Hills

a large green field with trees in the background

There are several wineries located in the Adelaide Hills, just part of more than two hundred across the country. Four wineries we certainly recommend stopping in at in the Hills includes Kersbrook Hill Wines and Cider, Shaw and Smith, Nepenthe and Hahndorf Hill.

Kersbrook Hill Winery

Kersbrook Hill Winery – Image: Kersbrook Hill

Kersbrook Hill likes to experiment with different flavours therefore taking a tour here will enable you to try some surprisingly delicious wines. One of the most recent creations from this winery is premium apple cider which is produced using traditional techniques and this enraptures the freshness of the apples which are grown locally.   This winery sells produce to local restaurants and also globally.

Hahndorf Hill Winery

Hahndorf Hill Winery. Image: Ryan Formosa Photography

Hahndorf Hill winery specialise in wines that are produced used the best Australian grapes. This winery dates back to 1997 when it was started by Larry Jacobs, who had fallen in love with the cool climate of south Australia. The vineyard is located on the edge of the historical village of Hahndorf within the lovely Adelaide Hills in South Australia.  A tour around this winery will introduce you to grape varieties that are the best in the area.


Nepenthe Winery

Nepenthe Winery Pinot Gris. Image: Nepenthe Winery

Another winery that is worth taking the time to visit in this area is Nepenthe and this winery offers a rich quality and heritage. The wines that are produced at this winery have been described as being a herbal drink which is so powerful that it can banish sorrow and reduce grief. Their vineyards have carefully chosen fruit that they can deliver to an outstanding quality which has led to them producing award winning wines. Nepenthe won an award in 2016 for Best Alternative White wine of the Year which is an award run by Winestate Magazine.

Shaw and Smith

Shaw and Smith Winery. Image: Shaw and Smith

Shaw and Smith Winery is also worth visiting for a wine tasting. Grapes have been grown in this area since 1839, however this area did not see major vineyards until 1979 when the area started to build a solid reputation as home to the best vineyards within the area. The vineyards of Shaw and Smith is spread across two different sites one is at Lenswood and the other is at Balhannah and they cover an area of fifty five acres.

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