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Customised Corporate Tours

corporate wine tours

It’s always a struggle to find a great end of year activity that everyone enjoys. Many business owners are turning towards customised corporate tours as a staff get together option, allowing for more flexibility in what the team can do. Sure, you could book a standard winery tour or city tour, but that only gets you seeing the same things as everyone else. But these tours mean compromises – visiting one winery over another, stopping at one brewery instead of the one down the road.

This is where customised corporate tours are a fantastic option for end of year staff activities or for team building activities.

Bums on Seats Personal Tours are great for small group tours up to 24 people. Available in both Adelaide and Brisbane (and of course the surrounding areas), it’s a great way to celebrate the year’s end.

4 Tips on Planning a Customised Corporate Tour

It can be difficult to plan a corporate tour, with everyone having different ideas of where they would enjoy going and what they would like to see. But there are a few ways to plan something everyone will enjoy, and we’ve outlined those below.

1. Consider who will be attending on the day. If you are thinking of a winery tour, do you have people who don’t drink wine? A foodie tour – are there people with dietary requirements? What about people who need to be back for school pick up?

2. Think outside the box. Do you normally just do a dinner for employees and their partners? What about a day trip to Kangaroo Island for those in South Australia? Or to Stradbroke Island for those in Brisbane? Have everyone pack a picnic item to share with the team and simply have a lovely day out of the office.

3. Consider your dates. The end of year is always a busy period for everyone, so you don’t want to leave your day out right to the last minute. Early to mid-December is a lovely time to celebrate without taking everyone away from those last minute Christmas rush jobs in the office.

4. Get everyone on board. Have a team meeting or two to discuss your thoughts. You can provide your team members with 3 or 4 options to choose from. Once the base option is chosen, you can then discuss specific locations to visit on the day.

If you’re looking for something a little different for your Christmas or end of year functions, Bums on Seats provides customised corporate tours in South Australia and South East Queensland. Jump on board and start planning your tour.